Cholula Foodservice - A Flavor-Full Story

Cholula Hot Sauce is the delicious result of a generations-old recipe and rich Mexican heritage. By using the ripest local ingredients and a creative blend of authentic spices, Cholula quickly became known as “el sabor perfecto,” the perfect flavor. That original recipe has gone unchanged over the years and now expands to four additional varieties, each featuring a memorable taste experience that holds true to the brand philosophy of enhancing while never overpowering. Cholula Hot Sauce celebrates the best taste experience.

When you Uncap Real Flavor with Cholula Hot Sauce, be prepared to have your food elevated to levels you never expected.

Cholula Hot Sauce - A Flavor-Full Story and Rich Mexican Heritage

Cholula Foodservice - In Case You Were Wondering

Answer: We are a brand with a proud Mexican heritage that is now a fixture in American homes and restaurants. To honor our roots, Cholula Hot Sauce was named after a 2,500-year-old city in Mexico, the oldest inhabited city in North America.
Answer: We’ve heard several interesting takes, but it’s Choe-loo-la.
Answer: The biggest difference by far is the memorable flavor Cholula Hot Sauce delivers. Other brands leave a scorch. We leave a lasting impression.
Answer: In 1912, Wilbur Scoville developed a scale to measure peppery punch. Cholula delivers an enjoyable 1,000 Scoville units. For comparison, bell peppers range between 0-100, while habaneros fall between 200,000-300,000.
Answer: Cholula is available through nearly all broad line distributors and foodservice cash and carry distributors nationwide. Click here to find your local Cholula broker representative.
Answer: Please ask your local foodservice distributor for pricing.
Answer: Unfortunately, mixed cases are not logistically possible. Your local Cholula broker may be able to provide mixed samples upon request. Click here to find the Cholula broker nearest you.
Answer: Currently, only Cholula Original is available in 2oz., 5oz. ,12oz., 64oz., and PC’s. Our 4 other flavor varieties are available in 5oz. glass bottles (packed 12 per case) and 64oz. resealable jugs (packed 4 per case) only.
Answer: All flavors and sizes are not always stocked by all distributors. Special orders can be made upon request with minimum purchase requirements. Contact the local Cholula sales representative nearest you if you have trouble locating a particular product.
Answer: Table caddies are available FREE of charge with proof of required case quantity purchases, along with this downloadable caddy redemption form.
Answer: Yes, all Cholula products are gluten free and kosher certified.